• Where is the based of your bussines  ?

Our business based in Indonesia and we offer a quality

products original from Indonesia.

  • Are you offer an attractive discount  ?

Yes, we are, we offer an attractive discount of  30 % for those of you who ordered a special order product magical items and bezoar mustika pearls more than US$.1,255 and attractive discount 25 % for order the bezoar mustika pearls and magickal items product more than US$. 1000  until  US$.1,250 and then attractive discount 20 % for order the magickal items product and bezoar mustika pearl more than US$.755  until  US$.999

Plus atrractive Bonus Special For You and If you are shopping in our place. don’t worry we will give big discount special for you.

We are ready to negotiate to determine the best price for you, when shopping in our area in big nominal.

  • Are the goods I ordered are same  accordance with an existing photo on your online site ?

We favor the best service and will not put our reputation which has been building for many years to carelessness or negligence from our side.

  • Are you open a branch outside the country ?

Not yet for meanwhile, but it is possibly. We have our branches abroad as long as it is for mutually benefit.

  • How is the quality of your product  ?

We provided a good quality product and hope that our products could be useful for many people, though its results may be different for each individual depending on the sensitivity of the individual’s spiritual and faith.

  • What is your motivation to build this site  ?                                                                                                                                                                                There are several reasons, first we want to introduce more widely  the spiritual world, heritage and occult objects that exist in Indonesian Archipelago as interesting objects, curious and useful when used in a positive manner and responsible. Other motive was the economic motive for supporting our team and family life.
  • Why there was no telephone line in your contact  ?

For the meanwhile, you simply contact us via email which will obtain responses from us as soon as possible. Other options may be more effective and efficient communication can be done through the “Yahoo Messenger”. Due to time differences and to avoid misunderstanding cause of bad international telephone connection.

  • Are you “new comer” in this business ?
    Yes we are. We have just perform in this online site, although we have more than 10 years experience in this field. Our customer is the local customers and also from several countries Asia and Europe. For the convenience of our customers. We will maintain their privacy and confidential wholeheartedly.


  • What are bezoar stone and mustika pearls  ?

Bezoars stone is a natural Phenomenon found in the digestive systems of animals / humans. Bezoars stone formation through the coating, layer by layer for a long time period. Technically referred to as the establishment of the autoimmune process, in order to protect the body from a substances that are not necessary, but difficult to remove. It is quite possible that coated by the organic silica / quarts are substances horn / hair / eyes, minerals or metals (Mn, Cu, Zn, Al) which is an element that could not be digested from the remaining food. The Metal elements which in turn makes the colors on the stone bezoars pearls.

Mustika pearls are form like a crown or horn etc, which are not possessed by other similar animals. There has been no final word from either research institutions or individuals. why the phenomenon happens?, but it could be answered by one question: why “tribal chief” of a group of monkeys seemed to have the decoration on his face,  like a lighter color, a specific section of the face more prominent, longer fangs etc. How this phenomenon could be explained naturally?  Is an authority, responsibility or even superiority can make changes as above. Who knows?

In plants the phenomenon occur on the same principle, if you knows the tree “Gaharu”, a tree could release a very strong fragrance  if infected / accidentally infections by other  or substances that interfere trouble to the tree of life. This means that if a tree feel disturbed, it will release the sap (or in human white blood) with strong  fragrance.

In nature Mustika for example “Mustika Thunderbolt” It happened because of Bogor city, Indonesia is the second after Brazil with a bolt of thunder hit numerous in the world, because there is metal deposits underneath the content. Each bolt will form stone element called the “teeth gledek” [tooth of thunder).

In the 10th century until the 15th, European (Portugesse, France, Italy etc) was believed that bezoar pearl to be an antidote against poison, they was wear it as a pendant on a necklace or ring which is immersed in the food / beverage for neutralized the poison.

Due to the above terms, our supranaturalist / shamans, they was believed, as we  are, That bezoars stone are blessing magickal energy, frequency / vibrant and power metaphysical Also contain the essence / signature of the source and Likewise they are.

  • What benefit do this bezoar pearls and what way are applied  ?

Basically,beside bezoar pearl have a healing properties such as it’s forming process,  they are believed  have an extraordinary healing power of various diseases. Commonly snake’s pawangs always brought snake bezoar pearl, so they will not be bitten by a snake or immune to snake bites.
Before bezoars pearl are in your hands,  our supranaturalist infused metaphysical empowered  and also through a process of attunement with “spirit elementhal intelligent” make the stone as your guard to ward off and transmitting positive energies and auras to neutralized and barrier the negative entities, black magic attack, also as physic protection.
The many virtues of bezoars Mustika pearls Can be attuned to and absorbed through certain methods. An instruction manual is provided with purchase.
There are many types, size and shape. The large size use as installment use at your home / office. A small one quiet convenient to put on your pocket, or set as your jewelery.

Note: beware if suddenly your bezoar mustika pearls cracked into piece without a cause there was an alert to warning you that there was an attack of negative energies goes to you or something bad will happen to you, or if bezoar mustika pearls disappeared, it is possible you are not care enough, or not on position of your soul mate.

  • Geographical speaking, where do this pearl find mostly ?

In our collection it is origin from Indonesia, or where do there is a life system without a human’s interfered. Due to global warming, illegal logging issue it is make our forest not a forest again and makes a bezoar mustika pearls scarce / rare.

  • How do we know  bezoar mustika pearls are genuine  ?

Frankly speaking, it is difficult to convince that the bezoar mustika pearls are genuine. Just only Supranaturalist practioners / pawang or “gifted” people with year experience knows which is genuine or fake.

There are a way to feel a magickal frequency / elementhal spirit intelligent, try to be sensitive, to communicate with your mustika in quite room. Put mustika in your left hand (left hand more sensitive than right hand), activated, and then close your eyes and feel inside.  You will feel a frequency. May be in the first time you felt stiff in left hand, it is indicate a genuine mustika pearls. The problem is not all people have a natural sensitivity in this modern living.

  • Do all bezoar mustika has elemental spirit  ?

Yes they do, genuine bezoar mustika pearls came from animal has “elementhal nature spirit intelligent” which also inherit “natural disposition” of the animal likewise blessing them. Whereas  bezoar mustika came from plant / fruit / nature also has  “elementhal nature spirit intelligent” and  positive aura transmitting to influence environment with positive manner.

The way they work is like to barrier around us from negatives entities or attack. So if sometimes  you find your bezoar mustika cracked without cause, please be careful for the day may be there an attack  or something will happen, Introspect yourself and make a pray as your religion says.

Please note, to make your bezoar mustika always at good power condition, very simple care and contact must be taken (see: manual operation which together with your purchase).

  • What is “Kejawen” meaning,  It is somekind of religion  ?

You may say “Kejawen”  is more like philosophy of life in Javanese tradional. They have principle embodying a “search for innerself” but at the core is the concept of “peace of mind”. Although Kejawen is not strictly a religious affiliation, it addresses ethical and spiritual value as inspired by Javanese tradition. It is not a religion in usual sense, there are no scriptures, nor are there prophets. There is no emphasis on “eschatology” (life after death, heaven or hell, devil or angels).

Kejawen is metaphysical search of harmony, within one’s innerself, connection with the Universe, and with an Almighty God. Javanese beliefs are combination of occultism, metaphysics, mysticism and other esoteric doctrines, exemplifying a Javanese tendency for synthesis. The Javanese system is so flexible that syncresis in all manifestations is attainable, even that which is conflict. Javanese ideals combine human wisdom (wicaksana), psyche(waskita) and perfection(sempurna). The follower must control passions, eschewing earthly riches and comforts, so that follower may one day reach enlightened harmony and union with the spirit of Universe.

Generaly speaking, the follower believes in the existence of a Superconsciousness in the cosmic world which is beyond humankind’s comprehension,yet controls and guides human’s affairs and destiny. This Superconsciousness is believed to be contacted via meditation. There are several meditation techniques (tapa) such as: tapa kalong (meditation by hanging from tree), tapa senen kemis(fasting from Monday to Thursday), tapa mutih (eating rice only), etc. Fasting is common practice employed by Javanese spiritualists in order to attain discipline of mind and body to get rid of material and emotional desires. Meditation in Javenese culture is a search for inner self wisdom and gain physical strength. This tradition is passed down from generation to generation