Kingtalisman Universal,  Need to provide information that clearly outlines our procedures for pricing and use specially provided in accordance with your needs and tastes. We in this regard is not responsible for any misuse or abuse of our products that we sell through our site. We suggest that are under the age of 18 years old ,you should buy and use our product with consent and guidance of parents. Every person has different spiritual sensitivity and various factor in terms of effectiveness, the success of a product is different from one to another, although the energy in our product are real and palpable to who having spriritual sensitivity, for legal reason we sell this simply as curio product. Our mission is to help you to achieve success, wealth, prosperity, love and happiness in life that just at once. We also need to remind that the objects occult, Occultism in this topic only as a means or media, where only “ALLAH” alone in the end with divine blessings and the “Ridho” that determine our lives in achieving what we want in life. We only require an optimistic attitude, effort and prayer for a better future.

Kingtalisman Universal not responsible for your negligence that resulted in a loss in your business, ligitation, damage, incidental …etc and are without warranties or refunds of any kind, either expressed or implied. We disclaim any and all  warranties and refunds, including but not limited to any warranties on availability, accuracy and completeness of content or information on product or services . For legal reason buyer is obliged to obey all the requirements we make, this meaning for our good at all. Kingtalisman Universal in principle to provide the best for you as a harmonious partner. Thank You Very Much

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