Megha Mukta – Cloud Pearl Type SP MS – 0828

* Reference About Special Cloud Pearls from The Garuda Purana :
Cloud Pearls , which naturally emit glow like the sun, provide lighting in all directions and eliminate darkness on cloudy days. The source of light will be brighter than the combined moonlight, the sparkle of the stars in the sky. Cloud Pearls are very un priceless so that the whole earth, with oceans filled with countless jewels and covered with a layer of gold, will not be the same as the value of Cloud Pearls, that rarely reach this earthly world, because they are usually taken away by demigods.

Virtues in Magickal : Megha Mukta – Cloud Pearl As Symbolized Goddess of Energy & Wealth, Prosperity, Attracts Luck, Great Universal Empowerment, Appeal of  Charm, Divine Gift & Miracle, Increase the Power of Instinct, Peaceful, Living in Harmony & Longevity, Strong Confidence, Love & Sexuality, Ritual Work & Spiritual Development, Personal Magnetism, Improves your Sales Performance & Business, Wards off Bad Spirits.

The description of item as below :
*  It comes with unique spirits and spiritual intelligence.
*  It gives psychically detected for the name of spirits.
*  The real power of mustika pearls.
*  It’s valuable item and many benefits.
* Aromatic oil for increasing it’s power and  A Pair of Living Grass “ Buluh Perindu “ Kalimantan Forest.
* Specific mantras for activation of mustika pearl.
* Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.

*  This type item is only one available and special collection.
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BMP - 0828 SP MS
Megha Mukta - Cloud Pearl Type SP MS - 0828
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