The Garuda Purana

The Garuda Purana is the primary volume of religious texts dealing with The Sacred Pearls.  While it is indicated that Krishna himself learned the Vedic disciplines, including gemology, from Acarya … [Read more...]

The other version of Garuda

Garuda is a mythological bird usually described as having a human form with the head of a bird.  Created from the cosmic egg that also hatched the 8 elephants supporting the universe, he was fully … [Read more...]

Ancient Kerises

Discussing Kerises with all its aspects is talking about the depth of the complexity of the archipelago, especially Javanese culture, the expression "Curigo manjing warongko jumbuhing Kawulo lan … [Read more...]

The Empu Keris Pusaka

Especially in the Javanese keris’s blacksmith known as Empu, in Bali known as the  Pandie or Pande or, in Sundanese known as the Master Teupa. David van Duuren in his book "The Collective" the empu … [Read more...]

The Power of Susuk Loloh

“ Susuk Loloh ” is something (for example : diamond, precious stone or gold in the form of very small and then water. Which  has been through the process of high level ritual, then magically … [Read more...]

The Garuda

Garuda's origins in Indonesia go back to the time, around the first century A.D., when sailors and traders from Southern India first came to the shores of the fertile islands looking for rice and … [Read more...]

The Primary Nine of Pearls ” SRI NAVA MOTI “.

OYSTER PEARL  (Chandra Mani) COBRA HOOD PEARL  (Naga Mani) BOAR HEAD PEARL  (Varaha Mani) ELEPHANT HEAD PEARL  (Gaja Mani) FISH HEAD PEARL  (Matsya Mani) BAMBOO STEM PEARL  (Venu … [Read more...]