Black Telor Jagad Pearl SS – 17770 ( Large Sized )

This is a very rare stone, it has been found in the area caves in the mountaints of Central Java. This stone is often referred to as the Egg of the World “ or the “Seed of Mother Earth.”  The energy within this ancient stone “ Black Telor Jagad Pearl “ is thought to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life prosperous life, majesty and to be its keeper. It has active metaphysical properties, strong healing powers, assists in spiritual growth, removes negative energies and its blessed by many spirit intelligence, devas, goddess divine energy, along with many other benefits.

Black Telor Jagad Pearl has multi function for rescues, purifies, heals, protects, normalizes, restores and even stimulates the growth for success life, positive attitude towards life, support for better future, concentrates and restores all that is good. It’s a miracle of sacred stones !!!. This can be a powerful sacred stone, it’s radiating positive aura  to help protect you from absorbing other’s negative energies and it not allow them to take your own energies.

Virtues in Magickal : Black Telor Jagad Pearl As Symbolized Goddess of Energy, Divine Gift & Miracle, Wealth, Prosperity, Attracts Luck, Improves Business, Abundance of Sustenance, Appeal of  Charm, Increase the Power of Instinct & Personal Magnetism, Power of Healing, ProsperousLife, Living in Harmony & Longevity, Strong Confidence, Powerful Psychic Protection & Occult Power, Ritual Work & Spiritual Development, Wards of Bad Energies, Etc.

Note :
* Highly Recommended for Business People or Political People.

The description of item as below :
*  It comes with unique spirits and spiritual intelligence.
*  It gives psychically detected for the name of spirits.
*  Specific mantras for activation.
*  Their own the real natural unique power of Black Telor Jagad.
*  It’s valuable item and many benefits.
Bonus :
* 1 Pcs Small Bottle Aromatic oil for increasing it’s power.
* 1 Pcs Wooden Stand.
* 1 Pcs Megha Mani Pearl.
Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.
Dimensions :
* The diameter of Black Telor Jagad Pearl = 18 Cm.
* Height = 24 Cm.
* Weight = 11 Kg.
*  This type item is only one available and special collection.
*  Free Shipping by DHL Express

TJP - 17770 SS
Black Telor Jagad Pearl SS - 17770 ( Large Sized )
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