The Power of Shaman Fossil TSF – 01350

This is one of the unique artifacts, rare item, mysterious, very phenomenal and it believed to have magical powers called: Batara Karang, The word Batara means: Deity and Karang means: Coral, its often interpreted as the embodiment of a buried mummy from a fossilized form of a shaman practicing Javanese / magical art of sadhana. In magical practitioners of  Sadhana, its confers invulnerability and some other virtues.

Virtues in Magickal : “ The Power of Shaman Fossil “ as Symbolized Old Spiritual Practioner’s Spirits, Occult Power of Authority, Miracle, Personal Protection & Magnetism, Powerful Healing Energies, Charismatic, Practitioner and Development, Attract Luck & Prosperity, Powerful Protection against Black Magick & Witchcraft, Power to Enchant and Attract the Opposite Sex, High Clairvoyance & Psychic Sensitivity, Powerful Healing Energies, Increase the Power of Instinct, Ritual Work & Spiritual, Improves Business, Wards off Bad Energies, Etc

Please Note : Highly recommended for Political People, Spiritualist, Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Public Figure, Etc.

The description of item as below :
*  It comes with unique spirits and Powerful Spirit Items.
*  The real powerful of shaman fossil.
*  Bonus : Aromatic oil for increasing it’s power.
Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.

*  This type item is only one available and special collection.
*  Free Shipping by DHL Express.

BK - 01350 TSF
The Power of Shaman Fossil TSF - 01350
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