The Universal Spirit of Healing Program SEP – 07703

The empowerment and healing remote program course, that we offer is an important aspect of many spiritual practices and unique healing traditions. This spiritual healing uses the ancient a Javanese traditional spiritual teaching method, which is rooted in the healing tradition of ancestral cultural heritage.

The universal spirit is a type of healing of divine energy that aims to help individuals increase positive aura, life balance and harmony in their lives. Along with the times, many occur around us, who suffer from psychological problems, mental illness, depression, trauma and various other conditions. When energy  disturbed by an imbalance of body, mind or spirit the natural state of health is interrupted and illness results.

A balanced flow of ch’i energy is essential for health and harmony, whether it flows through the human body. Developing the most profitable ch’i flow is the basis for many philosophies and principles that harmonious ch’i flow is the basis for physical, emotional and spiritual health. The universal spirit energy as “a mass free primordial power that operates throughout the universe as the basic life force.The energy is present in all living things and that its proper flow is crucial to maintain health.

The universal spirit of healing method is specifically designed, empowered, harmonized for the recovery of the soul from such disturbances and improving well-being. This method is suitable for Practitioners / Healers to be able to help therapeutics of patients suffering from medical and non-medical diseases.

This program can be learned by anyone who is very interested, talented, who wants to develop themselves, and wants to improve aspects of your spiritual qualities and your potential.

The Remote Program Course, its simple, very unique, practical, dynamic and effective, so easy to learn, flexible, no side effects, there is no restrictions,  free for all religions and provide benefits as expected. The remote program does not require fasting. These come with specific Instructions.

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SEP - 07703 COURSE
The Universal Spirit of Healing Program Course SEP - 07703
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