Wild Cat Pearl AP – 0604

Wild Cat Pearl AP - 604..Virtues in General : Wild Cat Pearl as Symbolized Occult Power & Miracle, Personal Magnetism & Courage, Attract the Opposite Sex, Instinct Power, Attracts Luck, Spiritual Practice & Ritual Work, Physical Potential Development, General Protection, Wards off Bad Spirits.

The description of item as below :
*  It comes with unique spirits and spiritual intelligence.
*  It gives psychically detected for the name of spirits.
*  The real power of mustika pearls.
*  It’s valuable item and many benefits.
Aromatic oil for increasing its power and A Pair of Living Grass “ Buluh Perindu “ Kalimantan Forest.
*  Specific mantras for activation of mustika pearl.
*  Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.

*  This type item is only one available and special collection.
*  Free Shipping by Pos Ekspor.

BMP - 0604 AP
Wild Cat Pearl AP - 0604
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