Megha Mukta – Cloud Pearl Type SC MS – 810

*Reference About Special Cloud Pearls from The Garuda Purana : " Cloud Pearls ", which naturally emit glow like the sun, provide lighting in all directions and eliminate darkness on cloudy days. The … [Read more...]

Sky Cloud Dragon Pearl MP – 0747

Virtues in Magickal : Sky Cloud Dragon Pearl as Symbolized of Goddess Divine Energy & Personal Charm, Prosperity, Improves Business & Sales Performance, Self Confidence, Attracts Luck, … [Read more...]

Goddess Flower Pearl Type GF MS – 0668

Virtues in General : Goddess Flower Pearl as Symbolized Occult Power & Miracle, Improves Business & Sales, Attracts Luck, Prosperity & Captivating, Attract the Opposite Sex, Power of … [Read more...]

Gajmani – Elephant Head Pearl MS – 0749

Virtues in Magickal : Gajmani – Elephant Head Pearl as Symbolized Courage & Occult Power, Leadership, Charismatic, Attracts Luck & Prosperity, Physical Potential Development, Spirituality … [Read more...]

King Sea Dragon Oval Pearl MP – 0769

Virtues in Magickal : King Sea Dragon Pearl as Symbolized of Wisdom & Wealth, Miracle, Leadership & Courage, Love & Sexuality, Support The Progress of Business & Sales Performance, … [Read more...]

Akash Mani Sky Pearl Type SZ MS – 0755

Virtues in General : Akash Mani Sky Pearl as Symbolized Goddess of Energy & Prosperity, Attracts Luck, Appeal of  Charm, Divine Gift & Miracle, Increase the Power of Instinct, Living in … [Read more...]

Wild Black Cat Pearl AP – 0632

Virtues in General : Wild Black Cat Pearl as Symbolized Occult Power & Courage, Social Life & Self Confidence, Personal Magnetism, Power of Healing, Prosperity, Improves Business, Spiritual … [Read more...]