The Legend Sacred Tree of Nagasari

Nagasari tree is a kind of plant that have a scientific name Palaquium rostratum and in English is called Gutta percha. Plants that are still in Sapotaceae is a floral identity of Bangka Belitung province. In Java Wood of Nagasari regarded as one of the magical tree that efficacious as anti-magick.
Nagasari plants in some areas of Indonesia is called by several different names such as Balam Bakulo (Palembang), Balam Pucung (Kubu), Nyatoh Darat (Bangka), Nyatoh Pisang (Bangka Belitung), Balam Pucung, Nyatoh terung, Pulai Pipit (Minangkabau) , Nyatoh terung (Lampung), nagasari (Java).

The characteristics and Habitat of nagasari tree. Nagasari tree (Palaquium rostratum) is a large tree with a height of up to 30 m, and reached 120 cm in diameter. The trunk is straight, round piston and wide. Wood is reddish brown, glossy, beautifully muscle and light. Green fruit is elongated shape and contain seeds.
Nagasari tree (Palaquium rostratum) is growing in Indonesia, with growing area on the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sunda kecil Islands, Sulawesi and Maluku. It is also found in southern Thailand and Malaysia.

Nagasari trees grow in tropical forests at low altitude 1500 m asl. Often these plants were found growing in swampy forests. This tree breeding using the seeds, but can also be propagated by using cuttings.
Benefits of Nagasari. Utilization of Trees nagasari include wood that is widely used in the house, floors and furniture. The wood is sometimes used also to make a boat. While fruit nagasari (Palaquium rostratum) can be eaten and its seeds contain lots of fat for cooking.
Also of interest nagasari can be used as an anti-diarrhea, aromatic, expectorant, a mental disorder. Seed oil for lamps, medicine ulceration, gout, skin lotion, seeds for eczema, enlarged veins, the flower also use for  heat illness.

By the Java community, nagasari wood is believed as one of the magical wood which is useful for safety, dignity, treatment, protection against the bad guys / evil genie, venomous animals, anti-magick. Because it is not rare tree is found growing in the cemetery of ancient or historical figures.

Naga Sari Wood effective as anti hazards by lightning, survived from traffic accident, curing diseases. Other functions for:
• Authority
• Harmony
• Increase charisma (attraction)
• Increase the efficacy of herbal medicine (a wooden piece on Naga Sari mixed herbs, adding it’s properties)
Naga Sari used as a spear shaft of “Kyai Plered” which own by Panembahan Senopati

Scientific Classification: Kingdom: Plantae, Phylum: Magnoliophyta, Class: Magnoliopsida, Order: Ebenales; Family: Sapotaceae; Genus: Palaquium; Species: Palaquium rostratum (Miq. Burck). Synonym Palaquium bancanum (Burck); Croixia rostrata (Baehni).