The Power Radiated From “Pamor” Of  Kerises.

Making “Pamor” should not be indiscriminate.”Pamor” to be used shall be in accordance with the characteristics or function to what purpose it was made. In addition to creating kerises at the same time working on tasks in creating pamor . Cultivating pamor should not be indiscriminate, the owner in this case, will happen disastrous.
That is what ultimately led to various kinds of pamor, although sometimes there are still many people who misunderstand pamor of the keris, due to a lack of understanding about the kinds of pamor. Only if the keris was still “alive” (has a “natural spirit”), it could be a boomerang for the owner, because of misinterpreting the form  attached to the pamor of a keris, from tip to bottom.
It is worth carefully look at the existence of this pamor closely related to the “sesajen”, it is clear to give  different “sesajen” at each of each pamor, the empu always conform to the characteristics of the object’s name is taken as the name of such pamor
If a power reserved for the empu to make it similar to the pamor of an old palm leaf (blarak) which is being dragged on the dusty ground, and soil ex-shuffle of the imprint, and raises the attractiveness of the empu, then the empu would be named the pamor of those with the name “blarak sineret ”
The empus in the land of Java, since the old times was known to be very familiar with nature (see article: kejawen), natural plant and animal nature, then familiarity is exploited by taking a pattern, a model of objects as a motive keris  made.
Linkages between the visual to the physical form of pamor that can be seen  are very attractive, but its power  that comes out of such pamor, can only be seen with spiritual eyes, for this matter only people who are “gifted” or that have “spiritual sensitivity” see it.

Each type of pamor has always had it’s own power. Such as”the pamor of segara  Wedi” immediate good for  state officials or leaders. As for “the pamor of batu lapak” use for for safety, as well as for “the pamor of blarak sineret”. “Pamor of Wulan lima”, use to get the honor. “Pamor of manggada” for safety. “Pamor of gunung Guntur” for sickness and to solve problem.  “Pamor of pulo duyung” to be loved.