Bulu Macan Power Ring JTR – 0118


Bulu Macan “ stone come from around the area of East Java. This kind of stone is very rare in Indonesia and well known as ” Bulu Macan “, because this a very special gemstone can have phenomena such as natural tiger fur. The uniqueness or characteristic of natural tiger fur stone is having a dark black color and it has a pattern of grayish gold flashes associated with the unity of earth elements where natural tiger fur stone can be a means of sending energy to the earth.

Natural Tiger fur stone “ Bulu Macan Power “ is believed to be effective for creating appeal for the wearer. The power of the aura  / energy produced by the Natural Tiger Fur Stone is the positive energy, that comes from the universe. Therefore, natural tiger fur is one type of stone that is suitable for anyone.

Bulu Macan Power is a very phenomenal stone and this is very mystical, because it is very similar to real natural tiger fur stone. The other side of tiger fur is believed to be able to provide instinctive strength, personal confidence,  physical balance or better emotional and many other benefits.

Virtues in Magickal : “ Bulu Macan Power Ring “ As Symbolized  Charismatic Leadership & Increasing Authority,  Occult Power & Miracle, Personal Protection & Magnetism, Attracts Luck, Great Universal Empowerment, Appeal of Charm, Power of Healing, Increase the Power of Instinct, Love & Sexuality, Ritual Work & Spiritual Development, Improves Business, Wards off Bad Energies.

The description of item as below :
*  It comes with unique spirits.
*  The real natural power of stone.
*  It’s so easy wearing, no side effects, there is no abstinence, free for all religions and provide many benefits.
*  Bonus
: Aromatic oil for increasing its power and A Pair of Living Grass “ Buluh Perindu “ Kalimantan Forest.
Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.

*  This type of  item is only one available.
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JTR - 0118 Type A2
Bulu Macan Power Ring JTR - 0118
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