Kaboa Power Bracelet JTB – 0002

Kaboa Power Bracelet JTB - 002.By wearing “ Kaboa Power Bracelet “. It will get a lot of benefits and multi function. The strength of electro magnetic of genuine  Kaboa wood / beads “ Khodam Tiger “ as self protection and wards off  : negative energies / black magick attack / attack of evil spirits, increasing authority, strong confidence, increasing positive aura, improving the living spirit. Etc. Some of clients has proven efficacy of magical power of genuine Kaboa wood / beads / bracelet. Its has been empowered specifically. Our clients from several countries, it’s wearing  ” kaboa wood / beads power / bracelet ” from original Indonesia, it’s for various purposes.
The description of item as below :
*  It’s
been specifically empowered.
*  Its practical, real natural power and ready to wear.

Guidance : Instruction manual paper for user.
*  This item is limited stock.
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Bracelet 0002 JTB
Kaboa Power Bracelet JTB - 0002
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